We produce this appellation of origin “KRASOCHORIA - AFAMES” (O.E.O.P.) white wine from an indigenous grape variety Xinisteri. When you taste it you sense the aroma of fruits like peach, melon, pineapple and give you freshness and a pleasant after taste that lasts for many seconds .This wine will leave you with an impression of balance and produces a delicious taste in your mouth that leaves you wanting more.


We produce this appellation of origin “KRASOCHORIA - LEMESOS” (O.E.O.P.) wine by blending from the indigenous variety Mavro and the famous grape variety of Cabernet Sauvignon. This well balanced blending gives the impression of a great wine with the aroma of blackberries, forest fruits and the bouquet of the two years maturation in our underground cellars .All those elements work together in harmony to produce a delicious taste that leaves you wanting more.


We produce this wine in limited quantities (2000 bottles per year), from the grape variety of Cabernet-Sauvignon. We keep this wine for one year in French wooden casks and then we leave it to mature in the bottle for four years in our underground isothermal cellars.

ANTONIADES sparkling wine

We produce this sparkling wine from the local white variety xinisteri by the traditional method of champagne (second fermentation in the bottle) so this wine can keep the pressure of carbon dioxide for a few days after you open it. You can drink this wine as an aperitif or as a desert.

ANTONIADES commandaria (NAMA)

This wine is well known since the ancient times by the name of Cypriot NAMA. The 12 century the crusaders named this sweet wine commandaria. We sell this wine after it matures for at least 5 years. You can drink this very old sweet wine as a desert.


This is the product we get after the distillation of wine and grapes. The zivania we have although is 45% of alcohol, is smooth and aromatic. You can drink it as an aperitif it prepares you for the meal.

Cyprus Wine

In May 2005 the Italian archeologist Maria Rosario Belljiorno announced that she found in ancient pots 3500BC ...

After that she came to the conclusion that the Cypriots were the first wine-makers in ...

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